Human Needs


Kebutuhan Fisiologis

the basic human need is for survival : needs life-sustaining inputs of oxygen, food, and water. also needs to be able to sleep and to move around a territory to obtain the basic necessities of life.

Kebutuhan Keselamatan dan Keamanan

There is a need for harm-avoidance among all higher species of animals, etc.

Kebutuhan Afiliasi

All individuals needs to know who they are and to recognize themselves as distinct human beings-as having distinct identities.

 Kebutuhan Penghargaan (Esteem)

All people need to have a stable, firmly based, usually high evaluation of themselves (competence, confidence, independence, and freedom of self expression).

 Kebutuhan Aktualisasi Diri (Self-Actualization)

“Individuation”, the process of striving toward individuality and self-realization.


Kebutuhan Kognisi

One has to have some understanding of the world in order to survive in it in other than in a purely externally nurtured / cared for / cultivated state.

 Kebutuhan Estetika

People have two sets of aesthetic needs: for beauty and for self-expression.


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